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10 Fabulous Designs of Mud Pie Dishes for Your Kitchen

Kitchen, as the heart of the house, takes some important roles in a family. It is able to reach all family members due to its vital function through logistic supply. It can also be a chamber to serve ‘love’ through meals that will grow the real love within a family.

Not only are the meals produced from the kitchen but also the way to serve them is able to touch the heart of the family members. No matter what we cook, as long as we can serve it remarkably, everyone will love it. It will also leave some impressive moments of dining. That is what stunning dishes can do for us.

This article is going to show you 10 fabulous designs of Mud Pie collections that will bring you an impressive moment at your kitchen and your dining room as well.

Stunning Mud Pie Collections at Your Home

Circa Glass Doorknob Cookbook Holder

1 Knob Cookbook Holder

Source Pinterest

You need not to be a chef who can memorize a lot of sophisticated recipes. Otherwise, a cookbook can help you learn how to cook delicious meals for your family. Look at this beautiful and simple cookbook holder. You just need to put it there and read it while you cook. Its metal bookmark ease you to keep reading on the page you need. Besides, its vintage glass doorknob makes you move the holder easily wherever you need.

Circa Ceramic Utensil Holder

3 Utensil Holder

Source Pinterest

This ceramic utensil holder helps you organize your kitchen utensil. You can put some wooden or metal utensils there. Its debossed “UTENSIL” feature makes eye-catching and is easily found in the kitchen. Its material gives a classic look to your kitchen.

Doorknob Towel Holder

5 Knob Towel Holder

Source Pinterest

Made of metal with a dark coating, this Mud Pie collection looks charming. You can put it near your kitchen sink or wherever you need it in the kitchen. Its diamond-like glass doorknob enables you to move it anywhere you want.

Circa Vintage Doorknob Canister Set

Door Knob Canister Set

Source Pinterest

These canisters feature lids with vintage-style glass doorknob handles and embossed 1, 2 and 3 identifiers. Coming in different sizes; small, medium, and large, these canisters reliably make your kitchen beautiful.

Serving Utensils

6 Seving Utensils

Source Pinterest

These stainless steel serving utensil are super cute. These serving utensils contain a tea spoon set and a spreader set. The teaspoon set features stainless steel cute metal stampings; “MILD MANNERED” and “HOT STUFF”. Meanwhile, the spreader set features cute metal stampings “HOLY STRAWBERRIES WE ARE A JAM”, “MIND OVER MUFFINS”, “ANYTHING YOU CAN DO I CAN DO BUTTER”, AND “YOU ARE THE PEANUT TO MY BUTTER.”

Circa Taco Bar Set

8 Taco Bar Set

Source Pinterest

This two-piece taco bar set consists of a taco bar server featured resist taco topping labels and a vintage-style “TOP IT OFF” stamped silver-plate spoon. The sectioned ceramic server comes with taco topping labels and “nacho ordinary topping” and “let’s taco ’bout it” messages.

Cake Plate Set

12 Cake Plate Set

Source Pinterest

It is a two-piece set. A ceramic cake plate features embossed rim detail and repeating “Let them eat cake” debossed message around the plate. This ceramic cake plate comes with “OK .. .JUST A SLIVER” stamped silver-plate cake server.

Circa Ceramic Salad Bowl and Wood Server Set

13 Salad Bowl & Wood Server Set

Source Pinterest

This salad bowl set features a three-piece set includes a ceramic bowl and two ceramic and wooden handled servers. The salad bowl comes with a ribbed design and “All dressed up and ready to go” debossed message around inside rim while the two handled salad servers stamped “A toss up”.

Circa Mini Loaf Set

11 Mini Loaf Set

Source Pinterest

Are you bread lover? This mini loaf set can be your best option. This mini loaf features a six-piece set includes three “Made with heart”, “Family recipe”, and “Homemade” stamped loaf servers and three wood-plate and metal handled loaf knives.

Bloody Mary Pitcher Set

2 Bloody Marry Picher

Source Pinterest

This two-piece ceramic pitcher looks very cute and enchanting. This pitcher set features “You say tomato I say… Bloody Mary” sentiment. It also arrives with a long vintage-style “DRINK YOUR VEGGIES” stamped silver-plate stirring spoon.

Those are ten fabulous collections of Mud Pie dishes designed for your kitchen and dining room. You can choose some of them to bring an impressive moment of dining in your kitchen.

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