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A Minimalist And Nordic Style Apartment In Murray Hill Chicago

This apartment, located in the city of Chicago, honors the cradle of design which is the highest representation. In order not to subtract centimeters to the interior, the living room, dining room, and kitchen share the same space in which the environments occur.

The white has managed to provide more amplitude and luminosity. Integrating an element as powerful as the wooden beams seen from the ceiling.Nordic Style Apartment

A Minimalist And Nordic Style Apartment

living area

dining room

living area

living area

Murray hill's Bedroom


The kitchen

next to the dining room, so that the entire work area simulates a large dresser. An auxiliary piece of furniture standing next to the Tulip table to provide more functionality. When using the same wood, the set is consistent.

living area

The white accent becomes more minimalist, achieving the difficult balance between sobriety and personality. Minimalism and extreme simplicity is the hallmark of identity. Here everything is thought to the millimeter, but it is casual.

A perfect example of how to decorate an interior in an elegant and luxurious, sober and discreet way.

Minimalism Style

One Eleven Wacker Drive

One Eleven Wacker Drive

One Eleven Wacker Drive


Bright and in neutral colors in minimalist Nordic style with very few furnitures creating simple and stunning spaces at the same time.

a neutral color palette on the walls and the floors create a space that looks much broader and transmits harmony.

The kitchen takes advantage of one of the corners of the room. The furniture and cabinet accentuate the minimalism in the decoration.

The pair of paintings and the carpet are the only decorative elements that make up this room. An option to decorate well minimalist but not boring.

 The Main Room

The main room continues the aesthetic line of the room with white as the protagonist, present in walls and furniture. The colorful detail by the headboard of the bed, holding in white fabric and different textiles such as cushions and blankets.

The Bedroom

The bedside tables next the wooden boxes occupy less space than the traditional ones. Stunning light emphasizes the minimalism decoration of the room. It adds color and textures different from the space.

In the second room only it stood basics: a small bed and night table. The tables segment the rest area inside the room. Below, a reading space next to the window, consisting of a wicker chair and a round side table.

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