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Brentwood Residence With Neutral Palette and Wood Siding


The interior of a wood siding house giving the harmony between the exterior and the interior. The floor and the ceiling become important elements of the interior. The furniture should not occupy all the free space, and the decor to obscure the beauty of natural wood.

It is necessary to choose natural materials, For instance like natural stone, metal, artistic forging, and ceramics, etc.

This House uses 1-2 bright accents. At the same time, the furniture and decoration correspond to the color of the walls but is chosen slightly darker.

Natural Lighting

Moreno's Bedroom

Moreno's Bedroom

Moreno's Bedroom

Moreno's Dinning Room


The design of this house includes the competent organization of natural lighting, and a part of it’s a natural charm.

Here restraint and elegance are important in everything, precious wood like mahogany and oak is complementing the decoration. Floor and ceiling in pale colors and the furniture is soft, an additional smooth silhouettes.

In this style, wood is very active as a finishing material and becomes one of the central details in the interior.

The character of this home combining simple lines, and minimalism in everything. But with a practicality and functionality, chrome, metal, and glass bring the modern accent.

Living room decoration

Moreno's Facade

Moreno's Guestroom

Moreno's Guestroom

Moreno's Staircase

Usually, living room in a wooden siding house sets the mood throughout the interior. Since the living room is the heart of the home, and recreation area, stones or heat-resistant tiles are the best choices for the fireplace.

Kitchen decoration

It is better to leave the walls natural or wood panel, also the apron in the kitchen is ceramic tiles. Often it is easy to clean, it blends well with the rustic style.

Wood Choice

Midges and mosquitoes never fly into houses from red Canadian cedar. Red Canadian cedar is a completely different tree than Siberian cedar. Red cedar grows only in the north of the United States and in Canada in the province of British Columbia (Pacific Coast).

In its physical properties, it surpasses the other analogs Red Canadian cedar is a versatile building material. It is suitable for the widest application, resistant to UV rays, weather changes, and water-repellent effect.

Natural Look

Trends are changing, and today, more and more homeowners are leaning towards a more natural appearance for the home facade. In this case, the decoration of the facade with a tree with imitation a natural color gives this house depth and interest.

When the wooden veneer of the house gradually changes color, it acquires a rainbow of different shades. They are all come with warmth and character. So this house is full of rich tones, which give the appearance a great attraction.


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