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Earthy color scheme inside the Colonial Interior Design

There is nothing better than the minimalist style. You can have a magnificent and very neat room spending whatever you want because you can get great results from very little money.

As you know, black is one of the basic colors in minimalist styles next to white. When we want to achieve an air of elegance and sophistication its use is almost inevitable. Combining with white is fantastic, it is one of those color combinations that never fail.

And then grays, for example, act as threads between the opposite poles that represent white and black. Neither should you forget another fundamental resource that sometimes does not pay the necessary attention. And the textures do not produce, for example, the same effect for furniture. White and black gradation completely smooth and have a certain texture.

The kitchen

Their aesthetics are timeless and with stainless steel materials that do not rust as their name indicates.

Its surface presents a fine non-porous texture, guaranteeing a high level of hygiene and a modern and elegant aesthetic. they are versatile, avant-garde, functional and adapt to any taste since they can be manufactured practically in the color you want.

This black and gray kitchen stands out for being a modern style kitchen, with simple but very decorative furniture. Being a kitchen with an arrow shape, all the furniture is in one of the sides. These furnitures are black with a small edge in gray and some handles of the same color.Metallic blindsmetallic kitchenEarthy color scheme

colonnial arch

grey livingroom

Another aspect of this elongated black and gray kitchen is the countertop. The countertop is gray and thanks to the lights that have been placed on the bottom of the upper kitchen cabinets, the entire countertop is fully illuminated.

Choosing the right colors 

Depending on the room and the lighting you have, we must discard certain colors such as black. Thus all the black color also has many possibilities in decoration.


The construction of arches in houses and buildings is a very old resource to support structures and as an aesthetic element. Currently, its use in engineering to bridge long distances in the construction and other works. The arch is another detail of home decoration, both indoors and outdoors.

A wide arch is found in this facade framing the space for the entrance. It is a detail in the design of this construction that has been designed as straight elements in its upper floor.

They complete this memory of the colonial style with this item. The arch in reinforces the style that you want the building to have a colonial style.

Large covered deck

Blinds and wooden shutters-cover

Not only block out the sunlight, but this item also offer privacy from any surrounding dwelling units

Outdoor deck

The balconies are a focal point of the house, who want to see the landscape and enjoy the outdoors. with furniture of the same style, similar pavements or textiles of the same color range.


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