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Glamour and Luxurious Design Inside Hong Kong Mid-Levels Apartment

This 3 bedroom apartment completed in 2012 in the 1500sft area. The theme of this apartment is mid-levels. This design winning the honorable award as the best of Residences in 2012 by the perspective magazine.

The floor is made of shiny wooden complements the communication between the floors and windows. Through the windows, you have an excellent view of Mid-Levels street.

As you can see the interior decoration is luxury and elegant.

We highlight this apartment with its luxury and elegant design, the use of materials such as walnut and natural wood. And false backlit ceilings to give a modern look to their designs.

high-end show apartment interior concept

high-end show apartment interior concept

narrative home design



No shouting for a luxury like glass in case of the apartment interior design ideas of luxury. This way space will appear undivided and your home will seem to be larger. Not to mention that the glass reflects the light, so you will have a brighter house.

Originally, the property is distributed in well-defined environments, including the living room, kitchen, laundry, Three bedrooms, and a bathroom.

Narrative Interior Design

The new design must respond to the needs of residents. At the same time, it should be able to translate to the lifestyles of the occupants. In this way, designers integrating freedom and multifunctional areas. The narrative goods having the ability to explain the scenarios of owner life.

The designers chose neutral and natural materials such as metal and wood. The central metallic element contributes to industrial character, typical of the big cities. This element contrasts with the vibrant colors present in the objects, the furniture and the walls of the living room. The result is the freshness of an urban and the memory of the residents.

Spectacular classical-style

high-end show apartment interior concept

narrative home design

beautiful materials


Hong Kong Mid-Levels Apartment

The great advantage of these apartments and their main attraction is the sense of scale impressive ceiling heights, elegant proportions, and intelligent use of light.

To live a life in an apartment, it’s important to imagine living in it. So to create that feeling of home, the designer combining vintage pieces and contemporary furnishings to this house.

Focus In Every Detail

The design of the interior spaces in luxury properties focuses all their exclusive products and superior quality.  For instance the furniture, material, and the glamorous or exclusive works of art.

The key to designing a luxurious interior is to pay attention to detail and of the finishes.  Every detail must be carefully thought out the theme or main concept in luxury idea.


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