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One Eleven West Wacker, The resident with Postmodern Architecture

The Postmodern architecture in the interior and exteriors decoration is fascinating. The Postmodern architecture buildings make you enjoy the sunset over the city view.

The beautiful Postmodern architecture is known for its rich history, classical art, and a beautiful architectural landscape. This building located at 150 E 34th St, Chicago.

One thing is for sure, the old Postmodern architecture residences are still stylish today.

Postmodern architecture features

Postmodern architecture

Postmodern decoration

Portuguese white granite

Postmodern architecture

Postmodern Architecture Resident


The geometric ornaments, high ceilings, and terracotta floors is a typical postmodern architecture interior design. Postmodern architecture style looking for simplicity in the houses. There are not many furniture and ornaments, but neither do they fall into cold minimalism. The rustic appearance makes you appreciate a careful mess that warm the houses.

The light of the Mediterranean reflecting the walls. And the white dominates everything, inside and outside the house.

Walls, floors, and Ceiling

The walls are the Thassos marble wall, which perfectly complements the rustic elements. Also an atrium in gray and white marble and White oak wood ceiling. Not to mention Portuguese white granite as the floor.

Cuttings with stone and mortar to create stone areas and paths in the floors of Postmodern architectures, and terraces. These houses with a second floor with wooden floors, both to facilitate the installation and to counteract the problem of weight. The interior walls can present beautiful murals.

The openings that lead from one room to another in the typical Postmodern architecture are often curved, it was rare for a house to have interior doors. Typical of architecture in the Mediterranean region, and very common.

Interior rooms

Postmodern architecture

Postmodern decoration

Portuguese white granite

Postmodern architecture


The color palette of the Postmodern architecture is affordable and easy to recreate. One way to add a natural touch of a Postmodern architecture-style is to use stone details. Terracotta tile floors are an excellent way to imitate the colors of Postmodern architecture ceilings and corridors.

Postmodern architecture decoration

The truth is that the Postmodern architecture decoration is a great solution for any houses. Of course, they are most suitable for coastal areas, islands or wharves.

A place like that will recover you with full of positive energy. This Postmodern architecture makes earthly paradise at home.

And above all, the most important thing is the texture and the material. Thanks to that fluid and white style, they will add an extra light that we can grasp. Their proper measure and harmony is something we seek with this decoration.

Although of course, we must bear in mind that a Postmodern architecture-style room follows these chromatic patterns. If we use more intense colors or another tone, it is very likely that.

Although we do not like the result, it really has little to do with the style we were looking for at the beginning. Therefore, nothing like pale tones, much more successful than another tone that may end up being too intense.

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